The Dancing Cup

Cafe, Restaurant, Guest House

A restaurant and guest house in the heart of Bugolobi

Relaxation personified


Monday - Saturday 8:00am-7:45pm

Sunday 9:00am- 7:45pm


MOH regulations are observed in our restaurant. Please wear your mask, and comply with the safety measures in place.

Coconut and chilli tilapia with Bunyoni Crayfish

We love taking local ingredients and giving them an international touch.

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What goes into our food? We collaborate closely with a group of local farmers and markets, from which we get all of the ingredients we use. We only work with the very best, and have a set of very high standards that must be met by any new partner.


Our network of local farmers are considered friends of the family, and they deliver their produce directly to us every day. This is how we ensure that each and every dish on our menu lives up to our own and our guests' expectations.